Our Vision

Colorado Headwaters is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring the preservation of Colorado values by protecting our vital water resources. This includes preserving and restoring lands and ecosystems that produce clean water necessary for thriving communities and industries in Colorado as well as in states downstream.

Our Story

As citizens living among the mountains and high valleys of Colorado, we see firsthand the erosion of the natural resources that sustain our irreplaceable sources of clean water. This resource degradation affects our communities and our way of life along with all communities, businesses and industries downstream.

While government agencies and private entities have addressed some concerns, significant challenges remain. Unfortunately, the current political climate undermines government efforts to protect and restore vital land and water resources. With population reaching a tipping point and climate change damaging crucial resources, this regressive leadership could not come at a worse time.

To address this triple threat, we are pushing forward to marshal private-sector support for protecting, restoring and enhancing our headwaters resources. As the late Colorado Poet Laureate Thomas Hornsby Ferril wrote, "Here is a land where life is written in water." Without strong action and leadership, future chapters of life on this land will spiral into dystopian desolation.

We hope you will join us in writing a better story of life in Colorado by donating whatever you can – time, money, expertise – to help ensure a bright future for our vital resources.